One&Only Villa, Suite and Penthouse Collection

One&Only Villa Collection

Set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, One&Only is a promise of distinctive resorts and unique experiences. From the Indian Ocean, Africa and Arabian Gulf to the Pacific and Caribbean, each One&Only resort offers the perfect setting for rare moments of adventure, excitement, romance and memories to last a lifetime.

Work Undertaken

Printed brochure and slipcase.


One&Only required a brochure to promote their largest and most magnificent villas, suites and penthouses. From palatial hideaways with lush and serene gardens, to lofty and supremely appointed penthouse apartments, these exclusive residences are the pinnacle of indulgent and private resort living.


The residences were presented in a beautifully-crafted casebound book. Each resort featured an overview of the facilities, printed onto a semi-transparent half-page. These delicate sheets were thin enough to allow the background image to show through, and were hand-glued by a specialist Italian printer.

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