Boehmer et Bassenge

Boehmer et Bassenge

Boehmer et Bassenge is a Maison de Haute Joaillerie inspired by Charles Boehmer and Paul Bassenge, renowned 18th Century jewellers to King Louis XV. The present-day partners create jewellery that always incorporates large, flawless diamonds. These museum-quality diamonds are of such purity and rarity, they have achieved world-record prices at auction.

Work undertaken

Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, photographic and video art direction, packaging (in collaboration with Linley) printed sales & marketing collateral, digital marketing and website.


Inaria was commissioned to define and create the brand strategy and identity for Boehmer et Bassenge. Inspired by the strategic concept of ‘destiny’, the brand’s monogram is designed to represent two entities coming together in harmony, and is reminiscent of the brand’s initials (two letters ‘B’), with two hearts overlapping to create a central diamond shape.


Following the definition and creation of the brand identity, Inaria worked together with Linley to design and produce a limited edition of beautifully crafted jewellery presentation cases. Inaria also designed and print managed an exclusive set of limited edition brochures, as well as the website, and a launch video created in collaboration with David Lund.

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